• Social Media Produces

    2X More Marketing Leads

    than trade shows, telemarketing, and direct mail or PPC advertising.

  • Companies that generate more than

    1,000 Facebook Likes

    also receive more than 1,400 web visits per day.

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  • Companies with over

    1,000 Twitter Followers

    Generate more than 800 new website visitors each month.

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Welcome To Polar

Polar is a group of young creative professionals that come from different corners of the marketing world, with diverse backgrounds in design, sales, and public relations.  

We have developed an innovative approach that we use to power social media marketing for some of the world’s top brands, organizations and individuals. Our clients can testify that we can turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways.

Brands are unique, and we make sure the audience knows it, feels it, and is a part of it… by providing a social presence that is engaging, credible, and dynamic.



Our team of highly skilled and experienced marketing professionals have a proven track record of successfully managing all social media platforms for some of the nation’s top brands.


What makes us different? Since day one, it has been our mission and promise to develop strategies that are new and fresh to the social media market.


Our team will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom online marketing plan using the most successful strategies to meet both your current and long term goals.




What Our Clients Say

Dionna B.

Digital Art Director / TravisMathew

“Polar was great to work with. They assisted in the rebranding of our Polo Club, which has helped steadily increase our member subscriptions. There was a visible rise in sales from the work Polar created and we continue to model campaigns around the solutions provided by their team.”

Meet The Team

We came together combining our unique talents to create Polar Marketing Group.


The "Chuck Norris" of Social Media


The "Bill Nye" of Strategy


The "Kelly Kapowski" of Sales


The "Steven Seagal" of Public Relations


The "Bruce Lee" of Sales