Welcome To Polar

Polar is a group of young creative professionals that come from different corners of the marketing world, with diverse backgrounds in design, sales, and public relations.

We have developed an innovative approach that we use to power social media marketing for some of the world’s top brands, organizations and individuals. Our clients can testify that we can turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways.

Brands are unique, and we make sure the audience knows it, feels it, and is a part of it… by providing a social presence that is engaging, credible, and dynamic.


Jarred B.

Sr. Marketing Director


Was a starring video vixen in a music video & got best all around in middle school.


Throughout his years of experience in emerging marketing trends, Jarred has become a significant voice in the world of social media marketing. He provides creative solutions for brands through thoughtful digital strategy.


Tien N.

Sr. Brand Strategist


MASSIVE Liverpool FC Supporter, traveling to England to watch games when I can.


With over 15 years in sales, Tien has learned what consumers want from their favorite brands and how brands should deliver information to their consumers to make them want to spend $$$.

Brooke A.

Sales Manager


She still has one of her baby teeth and has never seen Star Wars.


She’s passionate about sales, but really, she’s just passionate about people… Brooke has always been an outgoing, social, relationship-seeker and this profession allows her to utilize these innate skills. Here at Polar, she has the ability help her clients achieve their goals on a daily basis, while lessening their work load at the same time – “what a fantastic feeling!”



Ryan T.

Sales Manager


Can run faster than a cab (true story) also is a avid donut connoisseur.


Ryan was restauranteur with a PHD in Hospitality; making peoples lives better one meal at a time! At Polar, he has the opportunity to not only connect with people, but also offer the trusted strategies that we’ve developed to maximize exposure and expand brands reach.

Chad P.

Sales Manager


Dogs are his favorite animal & he kissed Angelina Jolie in 2000.
Chad is a leader in developing relationships, lead generation, and high-level partnerships. He credits his success to his ability to network and building personal relationships.